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Dry Fertilizer

We typically handle the four main Macronutrients for the area – N, P, K and S

46-0-0-0                 11-52-0-2              0-0-60-0                 21-0-0-24

Micronutrients such as: Copper (Cu), Boron (B), Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn)

As well as a few specialty products: ESN, Super U, Agrotain Coating

Seed & Inoculants

Canola Seed

We offer various RoundUp Ready, Liberty Link and Clearfield varieties, plus several Hybrid varieties suited to the area.

Cereal Seed


AAC Bailey HRS Wheat

AC™ Conquer VB

AAC Brandon Wheat


Bentley Barley

Canmore Barley

Corn Seed

Forage Seed

We have several types of forage seed available and are able to develop customs blends ideal for your land.

Varieties:  Custom Blends, Alfalfa, Grasses (Bluegrass, Bromegrass, Orchardgrass, Reed Canarygrass,Ryegrass, Tall Fescue, Timothy, Wheatgrass), Pasture & Hay Blends

Crop Protection

Parkland Fertilizers provides a wide range of crop protections products, with a large inventory including:

  • Inoculants
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Range & Pasture Products
  • Industrial Vegetation Management Products
  • Tank Cleaners
  • Anti-Foaming Additives
  • Marker Foams and Dyes

We offer crop protection products from the following manufacturers:

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