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Custom Blending

We provide custom blending of granular fertilizers to match the specific needs of your crops. With the help of our agronomy team, after developing the proper fertilizer blend for your crop, we are able to blend it to such specifications to help your crop produce to its full potential.

Professional Consulting

Our Professional Agrologists and Agronomy team are extremely knowledgeable and available to help with both crop and business planning. With many years of experience in the area, they know the land and what to expect for the region. From analyzing soil samples in developing required fertilizer blends to recommending the proper crop protection products and every question in between, our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you.

Custom Application

Fertilizer application, as well as canola or forage seeding can be done for you by Parkland Fertilizers. With one of our three air spreader floaters we are able to apply fertilizer at 100 lbs/ac up to 800 lbs/ac in a single pass, broadcast wheat, barley, oats, or any other grains. We can also apply granular Edge or Avadex and many other micronutrients.

PF AgVantage Agrology

Parkland Fertilizers has Professional Agrologists on staff who take customer service to the next level.  We customize your AgVantage Agrology package to meet your needs.  Whether you require crop management consulting every ten days or once per season, we can develop a customized package for you.  Crop management consulting packages can include some or all of the following service areas: crop nutrition, weed management, crop disease management, insect management or soil amendments.

Spreader Rentals

Available for rent on a daily basis are our PTO driven pull type spin spreaders.

Ideal for crop land or pasture they come in sizes with capacities of 7000 to 11000 lbs and a spread pattern of 40 – 50 feet

Fertilizer Delivery

Have your fertilizer delivered right to your farm and placed directly into your bins or application equipment. During those busy seeding days, forgo picking up your fertilizer and have it brought right out to you, to allow you to get your seeding done more efficiently. Or in preparation for fertilizer application, we can deliver direct to your farm for storage, to have on hand when you need it.

Soil Sampling & Testing

The first step in planning for your optimal producing crop is in analyzing the soil to understand which nutrients are readily available and which may be lacking in your land. We are able to go out and gather the soil samples for you, or you are welcome to bring in your own to have a complete breakdown of all your soils macro and micro nutrients.

Pasture Spraying

Along with our effective Range and Pasture products, we are able to do the application for you. If you do not have the equipment or time, let Parkland Fertilizers take care of it. For fields that may be a little more difficult to drive on, we also offer third party helicopter spraying. Finally we have sprayers that are available to rent on a daily basis as well.

Hail Insurance

Parkland Fertilizers is an agent for Canadian, Henderson, McQueen and Wray hail agencies and has been for numerous years. Such diversity helps us to ensure our customers get the coverage they need before the companies reach their limit for the area. All of the companies are comparable in rates and Parkland Fertilizers has only had positive and successful business with them in the past. With the value of today’s crop inputs and our ever changing weather we feel it is a good investment to be insured.

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Grain Trading

In the full cycle of crop production, Parkland Fertilizers also has services available to farmers for their crop after harvest. Parkland Fertilizers facilitates grain trading, as a broker for your Canola, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye and a few other specialty crops. If you would like to receive a price or more market information, feel free to submit the following form:

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